Dental Anxiety Solutions: What Are My Options?

Dental Anxiety Vista, CA

Struggling with dental anxiety? A lot of patients fear and worry about dental appointments, especially if an involved procedure is required. It can be very difficult to overcome dental anxiety because there is a constant fear of pain or the unknown. However, dentists have come up with a few solutions that can be considered and reviewed. Continue reading to find out more!

Solutions for dental anxiety

Outlined below are a few solutions to consider when struggling with dental anxiety. It can be helpful to review the following information when feeling anxious about an upcoming dental procedure or appointment.

Breathing exercises

A common solution for dental anxiety is breathing exercises. Dentists are familiar with a few breathing techniques that help patients to feel less anxious during the appointment or procedure. Examples include deep breaths or slow and long inhales and exhales. 

What a lot of patients are surprised to learn is that breathing patterns play a big role in anxiety. Practicing breathing exercises before the appointment helps patients maintain them throughout the procedure. 

Anxiety medications

Individuals that suffer from severe dental anxiety may be eligible for anti-anxiety medications. These medications are typically administered orally at a low dose. The patient may also have to be cleared for the medication by a doctor or physician who is familiar with the patient's health history. 

Muscle relaxers

Some patients are able to receive muscle relaxing medications, which helps to relax the jaw and oral cavity. Relaxing the facial area can be helpful in managing dental anxiety. Oftentimes, fear, nervousness or worrying can cause the jaw to lock or become tight, resulting in difficulty for the dentist. Taking a muscle relaxer before the appointment can help the patient to remain calm and relaxed, thus allowing for a successful dental appointment. 


Dental anxiety solutions also include distractions, such as watching a movie, listening to music or bringing a family member or friend along to talk with. Most dental practices have a movie or music playing, both of which can calm nerves and help distract patients from the procedure taking place. Another great way to stay distracted or relaxed is to bring a family member or friend along to the appointment. 

Other distraction solutions include communicating with the dentist or the staff. Dentists and their teams undergo training in order to learn how to soothe patients so that they feel comfortable and secure throughout the appointment. They may ask the patient questions about work, school or family in order to keep them distracted from what is going on in the oral cavity. 

Additionally, the dentist may walk the patient through each step of the procedure, which can be helpful in combatting dental anxiety. Being aware of what is going on can be very helpful in reducing feelings of worry or fear. 

Find out more about dental anxiety solutions

Want to learn more about dental anxiety and how to manage it? Working with a dentist is the next step to take. The dentist can provide specific recommendations and solutions, while also answering questions. Reach out today to find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment. 

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