How to Choose Between a Dental Bridge and a Dental Crown

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Careful consideration often goes into choosing the ideal prosthetics, with the options ranging from dentures and dental crowns to dental implants and a dental bridge. The choice comes down to the most effective option based on the patient’s condition and preferences. This article covers information on dental crowns and bridges to help you make the proper choice.

An overview of the dental bridge and dental crowns

Dental crowns and bridges are restoratives that are used to repair or replace a damaged tooth. When a single tooth is injured, a crown is utilized, whereas bridges are used when multiple teeth are damaged. Both frequently require anchors to stay in the mouth and avoid falling out.

Crowns are fabricated from porcelain, which is the same color as natural teeth. They can also be seen in ceramic form. The color of the patient’s natural tooth mostly determines the crown’s color. Crowns can also be created from gold alloys in some circumstances. These crowns are more durable and comfortable to wear. Crowns are cemented into place and fit like a cover over the newly formed tooth to give it that ideal appearance. The dentist may recommend a dental crown to fix a fractured tooth, build a dental bridge, or protect a weak tooth following severe decay or infection.

If one or more teeth are missing simultaneously, the dentist will recommend getting a dental bridge. If a missing tooth space is neglected, existing teeth are more prone to shifting into that space. As a result, the teeth will be misaligned. In addition, the imbalance caused by a lost tooth can lead to gum disease and a temporomandibular joint problem.

Bridges are attached to the adjacent natural teeth or implants embedded in the jawbone. The abutments, or teeth, act as the bridge’s anchors. A pontic, or substitute tooth, is connected to the crowns that cover the supporting teeth. Bridges, like crowns, come in a variety of materials. After determining the position of the lost tooth (or teeth), its function, cosmetic concerns, and cost, the dentist can help patients select the right option. Bridges made of porcelain or ceramic can be color-matched to the natural teeth.

The process of making crowns and bridges

The tooth (or teeth) that will act as an anchor will be reduced and prepped before the fabrication of a crown or bridge. The dentist will then take an impression of the patient’s mouth after tooth preparation to acquire its exact dimension. For a porcelain crown or bridge, the dentist will also consider the tooth’s color.

After that, the dental professional will send the measurements to the dental lab, where the crown or bridge will be built. This fabrication would be according to the dentist’s specifications. A temporary crown and bridge are created and placed over the affected tooth to preserve the space and improve the smile's appearance. As soon as they are completed, the permanent crown and bridge are bonded over the tooth at the dentist's office.

Final note

When choosing between a dental bridge or a dental crown, it is better to consult the dentist and get a professional opinion.

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