Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Out Early

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Vista, CA

Wisdom teeth are the final sets of molars to erupt in the mouth. However, they do not always erupt without issues and often necessitate a removal procedure. The dentist may recommend removing wisdom teeth early if there have been instances of complications such as overcrowding, dental alignment issues, sinus issues, cysts, cavities, and gum disease.

The need for extraction

The last molars usually erupt sometime between the late teenage years and early adulthood. By then, most of the adult teeth have taken their place in the jaw. For many people, there usually is no space left for further teeth eruption, which is why wisdom teeth can be problematic. Since these teeth must erupt regardless of room, they may come out at angles or get trapped under the gums.

When wisdom teeth are impacted or trapped under the gums, infections and abscesses may develop and damage the structures supporting the teeth, including the gum and bone. Partial eruption of the teeth makes them difficult to access and clean, turning them into a breeding ground for bacteria that cause gum disease and infection. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth erupt and push against existing teeth, causing crowding and damage to those teeth.

Reasons for early extraction

Many dentists will suggest wisdom teeth extraction even if they have not erupted fully, in order to prevent future issues. The extraction process is easier at an early age, when the teeth and jawbone have yet to develop fully. Younger patients also heal and recover faster, and the risk of tooth impaction and infection is much lower than in adults.

If the teeth are impacted, patients can avoid oral health issues and general illness by having their wisdom teeth removed early. Since the impacted teeth develop below the gum’s surface, the tissue around them can get inflamed, creating pockets of pus and bacteria that may spread the infection to other teeth.

Having an impacted wisdom teeth removed early can also stop tumor formation, which often requires invasive removal procedures. It is advisable to remove a partially erupted wisdom tooth before it leads to crowding or crookedness. Patients may also suffer dental complications when the roots of the nearby teeth get tangled with wisdom teeth roots as they develop.

It is typically harder for adults to undergo teeth extraction because their bones are tougher than those of teenagers, so undergoing the extraction early in life will make the procedure less painful and the dentist’s job easier. These teeth hardly cause pain by themselves, but painlessness does not mean everything is in order. The dentist may recommend removing seemingly healthy molars to avert potential dental issues.

In summary

Healing is faster when you are younger, which means removing your wisdom teeth early is a great idea. The truth is that wisdom teeth pain is not something that people want to deal with when they are older and have busy schedules. The teeth will also be harder to remove, and the jaw will be more fragile. If you have more questions, visit our dentist for answers.

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