Can Dental Veneers Ruin the Teeth?

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When it comes to transforming the appearance of the smile, Dental Veneers and Dental Laminates are one of the most popular options available. People considering dental prosthetics to improve their smiles are attracted by the prospect of having a perfect smile. However, there are other things to be concerned about, such as the potential damage to the natural teeth. 

The purpose of dental veneers

With the appearance of the teeth, some issues are quite pronounced and common. For instance, almost everyone wants sparkling white teeth, but due to factors that are sometimes beyond their control, the teeth turn somewhat yellowish. For those who smoke regularly, the teeth may even get patchy brown coloration. When the teeth become stained to the point where whitening treatments are no longer effective, dental veneers are the best cosmetic option to consider.

Tooth decay is also a common issue, and as the tooth gets filled over time, it becomes fragile. Other issues such as slight chipping, fractures and misalignment can also be solved by getting dental veneers. Fortunately, when the process is handled by a professional dentist, dental veneers will not ruin the teeth. However, there are certain factors patients need to consider before settling for the procedure.

Dental veneers are basically tooth-shaped shells that are placed over the front surface of the natural teeth. They mask imperfections by transforming the size, shape and color of the teeth. Dental veneers are usually made from ceramic or porcelain material, although composite material can also be used.

In most cases of mishaps, dental veneers can be used to restore the appearance of the smile. However, not everyone is eligible to get veneers. Therefore, a complete examination is necessary before the procedure to ascertain if the patient is ideal. This may include taking x-rays of the oral civility as well.

The effect of dental veneers on the oral cavity

Using dental veneers is a safe and painless way to improve the teeth. The veneer procedure only requires placing the porcelain shell over the tooth’s surface after preparing the tooth enamel. A professional dentist will apply the veneer accurately over the teeth to restore the natural appeal of the patient’s smile. Only a negligible portion of the enamel is removed to complete the process.

Dental veneers do not necessarily damage the natural teeth. It protects the natural teeth from additional damages such as decay by improving their strength. A fragile tooth is vulnerable and will break further without protection. After getting the veneers, patients can use their teeth normally without worrying about pain or damage to their tooth structure or gum. With proper care, they can remain on the teeth for a long time.

Final note

Dental veneers have no detrimental effect on the teeth. The benefits are many, including the restoration of a beautiful smile. Additionally, the stained or discolored teeth will be hidden. Veneers also prevent further decay, closes small gaps between the teeth and keeps the teeth aligned. If you want to learn more about the procedure, book an appointment with the dentist.

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